To schedule the rental of one of our facilities, please contact the church office at 325-893-4923.

For confirmation of your date on the church calendar, we must have a signed rental agreement, which can be picked up in the church office or download the pdf below and return to Clyde FUMC, along with your security deposit for the event .

Deposits and Fees

The deposits and fees for the rental of the Fellowship Hall: $50 for up to 2 hours for members $160.00 for up to 4 hours for non-members $40.00 for each additional hour; $25 for members $100.00 security deposit for each event scheduled, refundable upon inspection of premises Fellowship Hall Wedding Rental Fee: Rental Time: 5:00pm Friday- 10:00pm Saturday $300 for members $600 for non-members $100 Security Deposit $100 Custodial Fee Please see Fellowship Hall Rental pdf below for more information The deposits and fees for the rental of the Sanctuary: Rental Time: 5:00pm Friday- 10:00pm Saturday $300 for members $600 for non-members $100 Security Deposit $100 Custodial Fee Scheduling and Restrictions:

  1. Church groups and activities shall take precedence in scheduling.
  2. Events may be scheduled, and must be confirmed no less than four weeks in advance.
  3. Funerals take precedence at all times.  In the event of a funeral and/or funeral meal, groups must be flexible.  If possible the event can be rescheduled.  In the event a funeral takes place during the time you have reserved the building, the Church will contact the person who reserved the building, as soon as possible. If the event cannot be rescheduled then all monies on deposit will be refunded.
  4. All events must be scheduled through the church office and posted on the church calendar by the church secretary.
  5. Only one non-church group at a time may meet in the building.
  6. People using the building will furnish their own supplies, including, but not limited to linens, plates, napkins, cups, ice, etc.
  7. Use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs are not allowed on the church grounds, either in the buildings or on the grounds. The person renting the building is responsible for enforcing this policy.  Should this policy be broken, the renter forfeits his/her deposit and the function immediately terminated.
  8. Use of the phone is limited to short LOCAL calls only.
  9. Tables and chairs are available to seat up to 225 people. The renter is responsible for set-up the room for their use and required to leave it as they found it. The office must be informed of  what is needed by renter for set up no less than two weeks in advance.
  10. Nothing may be removed from the church premises at anytime. Please remember that this is a church and there are religious symbols and pictures on the walls, at no time should these be moved or removed.
  11. The furniture in the South-East corner of the Fellowship Hall is a meeting area ONLY. The furniture is not to moved by the party renting the facility except with the prior authorization of the office staff. Renters are asked to keep children off of the furniture.
  12. Groups will be restricted to the areas they have reserved.
  13. No smoke machines are allowed in the building.

Definition of Church and Non-Church Functions: There is no charge for church functions, which are defined as, but not limited to the following:

Funeral Meals  Methodist Men’s Breakfast  Methodist Women’s Functions  Sunday School Parties

The following are not considered church functions.

Baby Showers  Wedding Showers  Birthday Parties  Anniversary Parties  Family Reunions  Any event for non-church related monetary gain.

The Facilities are NOT available for rental on holidays or holiday weekends. No exceptions. The Facilities are NOT available for political functions. Items Available for Use and Included in Fellowship Hall Rental: Chairs: 225 Padded Chairs Tables: 23 – 5’ Round (seats 8)

W 16 – 8’ Rectangular (seats 10) 10 – 6’ Rectangular (seats 8) 4 – 4’ Rectangular (seats 6)