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october, 2022

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Christmas Cantata

December 17th will be a very special musical Sunday service were the cantata we’ve titled “Musical Christmas” will take the place of THE WORD. The cantata will feature all the musical groups of the church: the choir, the praise band, the handbell choir, and even a children’s choir.

“Musical Christmas” showcases all your favorite classic Christmas carols, like O Come, O Come, Emmanuel and God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, reimagined for mixed choir and praise band. They’re sure to delight folks of all ages, recalling good memories of Christmases past while making new memories we all will share.

All of the groups have been working so hard to bring you this music, and we’re sure it will “make your spirits bright” as we prepare for the coming of the Christ-child this Advent season.

This special cantata, Dec. 17th during THE WORD, will also be a shared experience of both service folks as we will be joining together in a 10:00am UNITY service that Sunday. Remember that the following Sunday, Dec. 24th is the special Christmas Eve service which will be all together in a 10:00am UNITY service as well as a candlelight service that evening at 6:30 PM.


Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday!

And Merry Christmas!


“A Man with a Life’s Mission”

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“A Man with a Life’s Mission”

An interview with Rev. James Holman

by Jared Reiff


            You’ve heard it said that success is equal to hard work plus passion, plus time. This is most evident in the life and successes of our guest speaker for this coming Sunday’s service, the reverend James Holman. This week, Rev. Holman is celebrating his 95th birthday. He has decided after these 95 years of life and 79 years of ministry that he will be hanging up his pastoral robes for good, but not before one last celebration of all that God has done in “A Service of Praise for Jesus.” This special 9:30am service at Clyde First United Methodist Church will feature a lot of music, a lot of testimony, and a lot of Rev. Holman’s own heart and soul poured out on all who are ready to receive it. And make no mistake, he has planned everything down to the last detail, from the Order of service, to what image will be projected at any given moment, to the opportunity to intentionally respond during the Invitation. In his diligence, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rev. Holman has preemptively called up the Holy Spirit (on the cell phone) and explained what hour it should arrive here at FUMC Clyde!

            In coordinating with Rev. Holman about what needed to be accomplished for this service, he shared with me his testimony, of how God called him to ministry at the young age of 16 after a conversion experience. He started preaching that year, his Junior year in high school, and has never looked back.

            “The LORD has been very good to me over all these years,” he said in our conversation, “I want to give Him all of the praise and the honor for that.” It appeared to me that this desire to give back was his primary reason for doing this whole thing, but it is more than just that. He continued, “I don’t want to celebrate it for me, but for Jesus, to lift up what He has done for me [and] so that others will benefit.” I began to understand exactly what the reverend was after: for others to be enriched through the testimony of God’s goodness in his life of ministry. Although this service is intended to be about praising Jesus, I wouldn’t be surprised if our own incredible and long journeys in new and unique areas of ministry are brought to mind and clarified in the process.

            “James has said this is different than anything he’s done before,” said Pastor Monty Barnett on the topic of the upcoming service. “The whole thing is about Jesus, and it is fun to see the intensity and simplicity of the burden the LORD has placed on this 95-year old preacher!” Part of the fun for this celebration comes from the full-circle nature that individuals like Pastor Barnett, who was himself baptized by Holman, must feel, especially considering how complete and conclusive this service will be for Holman. In our conversation, he indicated in no uncertain terms that this marks the end of his ministry behind the pulpit when he said “this will be the last time I preach,” but he has the feeling it will also mark the beginning of someone’s ministry, perhaps even several people’s. “Just wait till the invitation, that is going to be a special moment, I just know it will be.”

            This memorable service will be Sunday, September 24th at 9:30am in the sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church in Clyde. Come early and prepare for this special celebration of God’s goodness with coffee and fellowship around 8:00am and Sunday School at 8:30am, all of which will lead into the single 9:30am “Service of Praise for Jesus.” Hope to see you there!


Vacation Bible School

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Join us this summer, June 19th-23rd from 1:30pm-5:30pm, for Vacation Bible School! This year’s program will be “Over the Moat; Drawbridge to the King!” We will conclude the week with a special presentation on Sunday June 25th! All children in grades PreK – 5th are invited to come see what The King has in store for them! Each day we will cross the moat with God, Jesus, King David, Finnegan Fox and all our other friends and dive into lessons about King David, compete in games on the battlefield, worship in the courtyard ,create works of art, and enjoy snacks fit for royalty! Call the church office at 325-893-4923 or email Morgan Ramos at for details on how to register! We look forward to sharing this time with your children!


Easter ArtWork by Kenneth Wilson

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This year for Holy Week and Easter Sunday, our resident graphic artist, Kenneth Wilson, created two very special images for the First United Methodist Church of Clyde. The first is a drawing of several symbols of Holy Week, all interwoven together. There is a depiction of the three crosses where Jesus and the two criminals were crucified on Good Friday. Above the middle cross hangs a sign which indicates the charge against Jesus: “This is Jesus, the king of the Jews.” Below that is a reminder of the scene we’ll celebrate of Easter Sunday, which is the empty tomb with large stone which has been rolled away. Next to that is a lamb, which is symbolically what Jesus is for us: a sacrifice, slain to cover the sins of all mankind. All of these images are in the context of a picture of a giant Lion, which is another symbol of the nature of Jesus. We are reminded by this image that Jesus is both the conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah and the sacrificial Lamb.


The second image will be used on Easter, which is a depiction of the inside of Jesus’ empty tomb.

Mr. Wilson had this to say about the imagery:


“Satan thought he defeated Jesus by killing him; However, in folding the death cloth, Jesus demonstrates control over the very article which signified his death… Satan clothed Jesus in death, but Jesus took off the clothes that bound him and left them folded on a shelf.”


The burial clothes are discarded, but the head dress is neatly folded, signaling that Jesus was finished with death, that he had conquered the grave, but he was coming back.

These images will be proudly displayed on Easter Sunday in the church foyer. Please, stop by and view them before or after our 10:30 UNITY worship service that day.



Tenebrae Service of Darkness

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Happy Holy Week, Church!

     Last night, we celebrated Maundy Thursday with a communion service led by the choir. Tonight we will be celebrating Good Friday with a “Tenebrae” Service of Darkness. The choir will be leading us through the “Seven Last Words” of Jesus, punctuated by choral anthems and congregational song throughout. This heavily musical Passion service is one you will not want to miss.


Hope to see you all there!



Global 6K for Water

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Children in developing countries have to walk on average 6k to fetch water for their families. Dirty water, that claims the lives of around 1,000 children on a daily basis. On May 6, 2017 join thousands of people around the world to change lives and help put an end to this crisis!! It’s simple, you can walk, run, or even push a stroller in World Vision’s Global 6K for Water and provide clean water to one child in need! Come be a part of this global movement and make a powerful difference. The Global 6K for Water is the perfect opportunity for families to work together to fight global poverty! It’s a great teaching opportunity for kids to learn about the water crisis & how they can make a difference. The 6K begins at 8 AM, but arrive early to check in and participate in the opening ceremonies. Registration for adults is $50 and $25 for children 15 and younger. Due to a corporate discount, you can take $10 off of your registration fee if you register by midnight on April 9th!! Please go to Global 6K for Water registration to register today! Contact our church office at 325-893-4923 or by email at, if you have questions or need help registering! We look forward to taking these steps with you, and providing clean water to children in need.

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