Oklahoma Mission Trip = Success

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The week of July 12th, 16 participants from our church travelled to Durant, Oklahoma to partner with Durant FUMC for a full week of service and mission projects. While there, the group painted an entire gym for a local Boys and Girls Club, cleaned out storage buildings, scrubbed dirt off pews, and mildew from dark corners. On our final day there we packed over 500 bags of supplies at a local Food Bank in the morning and then served dinner to appx 100 people that evening! While I am immensely proud of the work they did during the trip, I am even more proud of the changes they made in their own hearts. Many of the students had not been on a mission trip before and had no idea what to expect. At our work sites we soon found out we wouldn’t have air conditioning, and we didn’t always have the ideal supplies, but they were flexible and continued to work hard. One student, Maddie, was in a wheelchair from surgery, and she still worked just as hard as the other students. When we would have devotionals together, the students had profound reflections on the day and on what it meant to be a Christian in a hurting world. The love they conveyed imitated Christ’s love that we see in the gospels. I have no doubt that these students are already changing the world!